Anne and I are just a few weeks from our tenth anniversary.

And so we’re planning a much-needed getaway, just the two of us, away from all of the fantastic friends, the great jobs, the beauty and energy of Seattle. We need to disappear.

We want to go to Vancouver B.C., and made reservations last night at what looked like a great hotel. But then a friend from the area dissuaded us from celebrating in that particular neighborhood of the city.

So now we’re back to square one: Where to stay? It must be quiet. Comfortable. Within reach of downtown so we can eat our favorite meals. And it needs to be affordable… I’m talking less than 200 a night. (Frankly, on our budget, anything over 100 a night makes us want to chew our arms off, but, well, this is the tenth anniversary.) Our runner-up destination would be Victoria, but there’s that added ferryboat cost….

Any recommendations?

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