I’m engrossed in editing Auralia’s Colors this weekend, and working on my Top 25 of 2005.

But in the meantime…


I think it has been proved that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has enough legs that a sequel will be made and since you have already posed the question of who might direct future films, I think an interesting question to pose to your readers would be which of the remaining books should or will actually be made into movies. At least I would find that discussion interesting. I may do a post on my blog about what I think, which is still being fomulated.

Briefly, though, I think The Horse and His Boy will not be made and perhaps should not to avoid controversy. Prince Caspian is a logical next step, but I do not know if the story will translate well to film and it would be hard to explain the Telmarines which are pretty central to the story. Dawn Treader is episodic and has no clear, film-long conflict to resolve, but is such a good tale. If you left Caspian out though it would be hard to explain the friendship with Caspian and the absence of Peter and Susan. The Silver Chair is one of the stories that I think absolutely should be made into a movie as it is a pretty straightforward adventure story/quest, plus Jill Pole, with an appropriate actress with pluck (kind of like Emma Watson), would be very enjoyable to watch. The Magician’s Nephew would be nice to explain things, but the creation of Narnia I think would be incredibly challenging, and with how the unstoning of statues and the coming of spring were handled in LWW, I don’t know if I would want to subject this chapter to a film treatment. The Last Battle, to be done well, would need to be PG-13. That book is so heavy (until the the glorious end) that it weighs me down. Perhaps, though, the making of the latter Harry Potter movies will have paved the way for an appropriately heavy adaptation of a childrens books.

Mind you, not that your blog needs suggestions for entries or discussion…


Should Neil be hired as a consultant for future Narnia projects?

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