Bono of the rock band U2 had a briefcase of new songs stolen from him while he was in Portland, Oregon. That was back in the early ’80s.

The crime is famous among fans of the band.

And three years ago, when I was at the front of the Portland audience that caught U2’s first show there since the scandal, Bono addressed the crowd by saying he was in a “forgiving mood.” He got a good laugh, and then put on the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

Guess what.

This week, he got the suitcase back!

(Go ahead and type in your zip code and year of birth. The story’s worth it.)

Maybe that’s God’s way of blessing U2 for what Bono’s saying may well be their best album. Maybe not. Whatever the case, Bono’s so enthusiastic about How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb that he’s referring to it as the band’s “first album.”