The Innocence Mission is releasing a new album in November. Details here.

I figured that was exciting enough news to interrupt my vacation and post a note here.

I’m in Roswell, weary and happy after a long hike through the desert alongside Salt Creek, where we fought our way through a wall of red cedar and cacti to get down on the creek bed. We watched vultures circle, we found a remarkably complete (if scattered) skeleton of a fox, we looked at raccon tracks, fox tracks, rabbit tracks, and antelope tracks in the soft clay, and on the drive back to Anne’s parents’ house, we pulled over and got out of the car to take some up-close photoraphs of tarantulas crawling across the road. This was my first encounter with tarantulas in the wild. Very cool.

Tomorrow, Santa Fe. Thanks for the recommendations, Carlos. Most of those places were already on our must-do lists, based on previous experience, but I’ve never been to India Palace. We’ll check it out.

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