Red: Treasures

Films that have profoundly inspired, influenced, and affected me. I want all of them in my personal collection for future reference.

Purple: Favorites 

Films I will probably never tire of revisiting, studying, sharing, and discussing.

Blue: Achievements

Films worth seeing more than once, studying, sharing, and discussing.

Grey: Decent/Noteworthy

Films worth seeing once, maybe twice, due to their strong points.


Released elsewhere in the world or at festivals previous to the year.

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  1. Cameraperson

  2. Paterson

  3. Silence

  4. The Fits

  5. Hell or High Water

  6. Fences

  7. Beyonce: Lemonade

  8. The BFG

  9. 13th

  10. Sing Street

  11. The Witch

  12. Love & Friendship

  13. The Innocents

  14. The Mermaid

  15. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

  16. Arrival

  17. Hail, Caesar!

  18. Loving

  19. 10 Cloverfield Lane

  20. Taxi

  21. Almost Holy

  22. The Lobster

  23. The Nice Guys

  24. Knight of Cups

  25. Doctor Strange

  26. Kubo and the Two Strings

  27. Everybody Wants Some!

  28. La La Land

  29. Eye in the Sky

  30. Krisha

  31. Moonlight

  32. Zootopia

  33. Midnight Special

  34. Finding Dory

  35. The Jungle Book

  36. Sully

  37. Green Room

  38. Manchester By the Sea

  39. Pete's Dragon

  40. Last Days in the Desert