Oscar-bait extravagance: Mank is a mess

In David Fincher's much-anticipated epic about the origins of Citizen Kane, its political context, and its troubled screenwriter, so much artistry is spent on ambitious and extravagant scenes. But there's no magic happening here.

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Letterboxd Spotlight: Glen Grunau on contemplative cinema and Peter Jackson’s war movie

Cinephile Glen Grunau offers a remarkable list of 100 "contemplative films" that will reward those who seek them out. Also: Grunau posts some insights on Peter Jackson's innovative WWI documentary.

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Babette’s Feast: The Leftovers!

Thanksgiving leftovers!Listen in on a conversation between Alissa Wilkinson, Sam Thielman, and Jeffrey Overstreet as they celebrate the greatest feast ever filmed.

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Wolfwalkers and the Rise of Cartoon Saloon — a conversation with Dr. Lindsay Marshall

Here is a new episode of the Looking Closer podcast, featuring my first impressions of Wolfwalkers, and then my conversation about it with Dr. Lindsay Marshall.

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