If you’re online this morning, you’ve probably seen the viral-video overnight sensation. …

Apparently humankind has been paralyzed with astonishment because some homeless dude has a great voice.

America is shocked to learn that one of those guys asking for money on a street corner might actually have a redeeming quality.

Now, TV shows are clambering over each other to get him to say the name of their TV show on the air.

I hope somebody is writing the script for the movie. And it had better be a dark comedy. “Look! One of them can do a trick!”

What other hidden talents might we find among the homeless that might earn some of them our attention and encouragement? Maybe some of them are actually worth something!

I anticipate a new surge of interest in the guys holding signs on street corners. “What? You played basketball in high school?” “What? You can draw?”


American Idol – The Homeless will probably go live next season.

I think I’m going to be sick.