In less than two weeks, I’ll be turning in the first completed draft of my new book The Ale Boy’s Feast.

As I do, I keep getting the same response from readers: “I was surprised when the conclusion of Raven’s Ladder left me hanging. Is that the end? Isn’t this a trilogy?” The answer is no…

Since its inception in 1996, The Auralia Thread has been a four-story series, running in this order: Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, Raven’s Ladder, and The Ale Boy’s Feast. The fourth volume will be in stores in January 2011. And yes, that’s the last one – the culmination of stories about Auralia the artist, Jordam the beastman, Cal-raven the visionary, and the ale boy, whose name may be revealed at last.

I spent last week at my favorite writing getaway in the world, writing close to 14 hours a day, following these characters to the frenzy of activity that wraps up the series. It will be difficult to say goodbye, since I’ve had these characters on my mind, watching their stories take shape, for almost 15 years now. But new stories are emerging… stories about new characters and new worlds, and it’s time to pay them a visit.

I hope you’re enjoying the journey. Here are some recent reviews…

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