Are you looking forward to Toy Story 3?

I learned a long time ago not to let the trailer for a Pixar movie influence my expectations: The films almost always surpass high expectations.

So I was surprised to read some grumbling about the latest trailer. Haven’t other people learned the same lesson?

Then came today: And the lucky folks who got to see Toy Story 3 at Showest are Tweeting up a storm. Here are some of the early reports:

  • @slashfilm: Toy Story 3 was great, last 30 minutes were pure brillance.
  • @elguapo1 Toy Story 3 was fantastic. People were crying at the end.
  • @BenHeckenkamp: Toy Story 3. Wow. Simply beautiful. Amazing.
  • @firstshowing: Toy Story 3 was wonderful, so much fun and heartwarming, too! Totoro is in it a few times as well. Pixar at their best as always.
  • @screencrave Just saw Toy Story 3. How is it ALWAYS so good?
  • @EDouglasWW: Just saw Toy Story 3 at Showest… Brilliant job
  • @Da7e Looks like Toy Story 3 just ended it’s screening at Showest and KILLED in the best possible way.
  • @colliderfrosty: Toy story 3 continues pixars streak of brilliance. Last 20 or 30 minutes wrecked me.

So… there you go.

[UPDATE 1: And now… there’s this report from]


And speaking of exciting developments in storytelling…

Come join me this Thursday night, at Seattle’s Third Place Books, for the Raven’s Ladder Reading and Release Party!

The fun starts at 7 p.m., and after the reading you can hang out with me in the food court to go on celebrating.

I plan to talk about all three books in The Auralia Thread series, and share a few thoughts on Avatar and more popular cultural mythology. And I’ll take questions, and scribble some ink in your copy of Raven’s Ladder, if you like. Raven’s Ladder postcards and bookmarks will be available as well.