My birthday was a month ago, but a bunch of gifts have arrived in November… thoughtful comments from a few readers who have read Raven’s Ladder. And I’m grateful.

Here’s what they’re saying…


Kathy Tyers, author of Shivering World and the Firebird series:

“Jeffrey Overstreet’s imagination is peopled with mysteries and wonders, and his craft continues to mature. Reading Raven’s Ladder is like staring at a richly imagined world through a kaleidoscope: complex, intriguing, and habit-forming.”

R.J. Anderson, author of Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter:

“A darkly complex world populated by a rich and diverse cast of characters, in which glimpses of haunting beauty shine through. Sometimes perplexing but always thought-provoking, Raven’s Ladder is the work of a fertile and striking creative imagination.”

Andrew Peterson, singer/songwriter and author of North! Or Be Eaten and On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness:

“With Raven’s Ladder, Overstreet does what the best fantasy writers do: he opens a door into a new world—a beautiful, dangerous world, and one that stayed with me long after I closed the book.”

Aaron White, writer and editor of

“In Raven’s Ladder, Jeffrey Overstreet continues what he began with his first two novels, Auralia’s Colors and Cyndere’s Midnight, crafting a world rich in detail, purpose, and wonder. Each page reveals new threads of a complex, interwoven story that excites and entertains while provoking deeper thought. It has been a long time since I’ve read a series as captivating, meaningful, inspiring, and beautiful as this one.”

S. D. Smith, author of The Fledge Chronicles serial:
“Raven’s Ladder is a fantasy gem. The story is imaginative and truthful, the characters authentic and complex. Jeffrey Overstreet has given us a gift—a fully realized world teeming with life and wonder. It is a fully human tale, with a penetrating glory throughout. Here is a heaping portion of truth, beauty, and goodness.”

Esther Maria Swaty, Seattle City Guide Examiner:

“In Raven’s Ladder, Jeffrey Overstreet weaves a brilliant tale of intricate layers, inviting his audience into a story of deeper meaning. Not mere fiction that ends with the shutting of the book, it sneakily tiptoes into your thoughts, challenging you to ponder a little more.”

And speaking of gifts, Anne and I spent some of our holiday today gathering and crafting Christmas gifts for family and friends. If you’re looking for Christmas-gift ideas, how about this: Pick up copies of Auralia’s Colors (book) (ebook) and Cyndere’s Midnight (book) (ebook), and include a note that lets the recipient know that if they start reading right away, they’ll be ready for the third one when it arrives in stores in mid-February.