I’m arriving in Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be my first visit there, and I couldn’t be more excited about attending ALL THREE 20th anniversary concerts for Over the Rhine this weekend. If you’re going to be there, let me know. Maybe we can meet and chat.

I’ll be writing an essay about Over the Rhine soon, and this experience will be a vital part of that project.

But this will also be a “working weekend” in other ways as well. I’m caught up in the Gold Strand of The Auralia Thread. Cal-raven’s Ladder is taking shape, and I’m more excited about this story than either of the previous two. So between concerts, I’ll be hard at work. (Have you noticed the tribute to Over the Rhine in Cyndere’s Midnight? They’re in the Acknowledgments, yes… but there’s a passage early in the book  that I included especially for them. I suspect die-hard OTR fans will notice.)

Meanwhile, I’ll be missing out on what has become one of the most enchanting snowfalls I’ve ever seen in Seattle. Anne and I went for a walk this evening that was just spooky in its quiet beauty.