Camerin Courtney, a film reviewer for Christianity Today, gave Sex and the City 3 stars (out of four).

And instantly, the CT Movies mailbox exploded. Here’s a keeper:

This movie is nothing more than pornography for women. Women used to be the moral compass of humanity. Forty years ago that began to change and has accelerated with the success of the feminist movement. The depth of that success can be gauged by the reviewer’s remarks that SATC is “a phenomenon even for many Christians. For years, good church-going friends of mine secretly raved about Sex and the City.” The fact that they did it secretly reveals that their consciences weren’t totally devoid of the ability to tell right from wrong, but the fact they chose to submerse their minds in it anyway reveals a willingness to indulge in corrupt thinking regardless of what the Bible says.Terry L. Brown

And for the sake of contrast:

I wish people would please see the movie before passing judgment. I have seen it. Do you know that in the movie, two of the four main characters are married, and are faithful to their mates? The other two are in long-term (3- and 5-year) relationships, also faithful, (even though, granted, it is outside of marriage.) There is no bed-hopping‚Äîthe only principle player who cheats is one of the husbands, setting up a major plot line about forgiveness and the restoration of a marriage. Although there are sex scenes, that is not the focus of the movie. It’s a movie about commitment, marriage, friendship, and learning to love and forgive. It has merit. – Don and Sheryl Cope

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan is adding excerpts from reviews that are not encouraging…

And his own response is here.

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