Thanks to everyone who submitted creative and frightening names in the “Name the Character” contest!

After playing around with many of the names, I had to go with the names that “stuck.” Yes, some of you put a lot of thought and study into finding words with meaningful roots and histories. But when it came down to it, there was something about…

Sop Crone.

I’m making a slight alteration: The Sopper Crone.

So congratulations to danny69, who will receive a free copy of the book in thanks.

But I’ve chosen a second winner as well. The Sopper Crone is a good title for this character, as it matches what she does, but it also sounds just… sticky. And yet, I also need a name… a name for what she was before she took this degrading job working for the beastmen. And of the names submitted, I liked Kreanomos best.

So further congratulations to leatherwing for submitting that name!

Send me your contact info, folks, and I’ll be sure you get a book in September.

Thanks, everyone, for making this so much fun. I may just have to do it again sometime soon!