I recently overheard someone referring to my new book as “Australia’s Colors.”

Now, please… let me set this straight once and for all: Auralia’s Colors has absolutely nothing to do with Australia.

And speaking of Australia…

I was welcomed to a radio program based in Australia last week to discuss Through a Screen Darkly.

The show host was Sheridan Voysey, a true professional, who reads his notes before he sits down at the microphone. His show is called Open House. It wasn’t a live show. It was recorded for a podcast. But we had a delightful conversation about meaningful movies, the power and purpose of art, and the challenges of being a Christian in the cineplex. Our conversation is about to be broadcast on radio stations all over Australia. I immediately became a big fan of Sheridan and his approach to thoughtful radio conversation.

When I turn on Christian radio, almost 75% of the voices I hear are complaining about how corrupt the world has become, and how we have got to stop the homosexuals before they take over the world.¬†It’s rather embarrassing… especially since these programs are broadcast in the name of one who said he did not come into the world to condemn the world.

Sheridan’s goal, by contrast,¬†is to provoke thoughtful dialogue between Christians… and also between Christians and their non-Christian neighbors. There was a quality of grace and peace and warmth in Sheridan’s manner that I greatly appreciated, and that I’ve only experienced on only a few other programs. (Yes, there are some other wonderful show hosts out there, and I appreciate them too.)

You’ll be able to listen in, or download the show as a podcast, next Sunday.

Now, if you want to learn about Australia, I suggest you talk with a travel agent. If you want to hear about Auralia, you should join me at the Fremont branch of the Seattle Public Library this Wednesday night at 6:30, where I’ll be reading from the novel and talking about our favorite fantasy writers.