My friend Sara Zarr has been such a great encouragement to me with Auralia’s Colors. She’s like my sister in writing endeavors… a Glen Workshopper, got her first book deal the same year I did, learning about the world of publishing right along with me (if a few steps ahead of me). We compare notes and assure each other (usually via IM) during the bumps along the way.

Well, today I am buzzing with the thrill of seeing Sara’s work properly celebrated.

Go on over to Sara’s blog, and hear her version of this breaking news: She’s a National Book Award Finalist for Story of a Girl!

(By the way, my compliments to the photographer who took her Facebook portrait. Looks just like her.)

I assume you have a copy of this book by now. If not, what are you waiting for? Catch the tail of this comet so you can say you’d read this book BEFORE she wins the award! Pick up a copy while first-edition hardcovers are still available!!

Sara, I am so freaking PROUD of you!

Once in a while in the world of awards… something goes very, very right.