As you can see, people are finding any which way they can to join me at Seattle’s Santa Fe Cafe tonight for a beverage and some dessert to celebrate the fact that I’ve survived another year of blogging, reviewing, writing, and marketing.

And some are on their way to try and persuade me that they just wish I’d shut up and go away for awhile. (And I probably have more in common with them!)

Whatever the case, feel free to drop in to the low-key celebration tonight. I want to thank my friends for all of their many forms of encouragement and support over the last year. And frankly, I’ve spent very little time with people this year… most of my time has been spent hunched over this computer trying to meet deadines and keep up with all of the baffling new developments in my life. It’s been an incredible year. I get tired just thinking about the last MONTH, so there’s just no healthy way to comprehend all that’s transpired in twelve of them.

Thank you for being there so Looking Closer can play some small (hopefully meaningful) part in the world of internet mayhem. I look forward to chatting with all of you in the coming months, as… well… who knows what’ll happen next?

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