Yesterday on the Kim Jeffries show, Kim and I discussed

  • the Oscars,
  • what the five contenders had in common,
  • what was wrong (or right) with Ricky Bobby’s “Baby Jesus” prayer in Talladega Nights,
  • whether or not I was offended by Brian Dannelly’s comedy Saved!,
  • and what in the world is my favorite movie.

Somewhere along the way a troublemaking caller named Martin challenged me to explain the thinking behind Christianity Today’s top ten list for 2006 … or better, the three top ten lists posted there.

Fortunately, Kim gave me plenty of time to explain the differences between the lists, and why Children of Men is the CT critics’ #1 choice in their “Cream of the Crop” list.

You can hear the whole conversation here, starting at about the 14-minute mark.

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