I can’t publish my review of Amazing Grace yet. But I will say this. The preview led me to believe it would be cheesy, overly sentimental, and old-fashioned in the worst kind of way.

I’m pleasantly surprised to tell you that you should plan to see it on opening night. There are plenty of highlights that make it worth your time and attention … not the least of which is its unapologetic celebration of Christian faith, and strong (if unfortunately brief) performances by Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, and Rufus Sewell (playing a sympathetic character for the first time in a while, thank goodness!) Oh, and Romola Garai once again demonstrates that she’s leading lady material and one of the most radiant beauties of the big screen.

Anyway… the review is forthcoming, but I just want you to know that you shouldn’t judge this one by its preview. It’s better than that.

It also contains one rather memorable blooper, but you have to watch carefully to catch it…

Oh, and if you WANT a review, there are a few sites who have published them early…

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