From an insightful friend who just saw Apocalypto:

I found Apocalypto truly repulsive. There really is no point to this disgusting movie. Unfortunately, it appears to justify everything negative we’ve heard about Mel’s predelictions. I still haven’t seen The Passion, but now when I do, I’ll be unable to view it without a lot of baggage — the result of watching Apocalypto. … Something’s wrong with Gibson. It’s pretty sick. … I cannot fathom how anyone could bring themselves to recommend it, but I suppose I’m in for a surprise come opening day. The Variety review and Rolling Stone review are head-spinners.

And now this… David Ansen in Newsweek (via GreenCine Daily):

Once again he returns to his favorite theme: nearly naked men being tortured. Repeatedly. Imaginatively. At great length…. The harder Apocalypto works to shock and excite you, the less shocked and excited you become, until you may find yourself beset by the urge to giggle.

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