U2 is coming to a THEATER near you next year… in 3-D.


The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

I’ll never forget seeing U2: Rattle and Hum in the Eastgate Cinemas in Portland, Oregon, on November 4, 1988. It was an overwhelming big screen experience, and the theater owners knew what they were doing… they turned it up to rock-concert-level volume. I can still remember standing in the line with U2 fans. Once we got inside, we had to wait for the previous screening to finish. I remember sneaking into the theater and almost stumbling in my amazement at the imagery that ran during the “With or Without You” sequence. Awe-inspiring performances. I never really agreed with the critics who called it a “vanity piece.” I thought it was an interesting document about the band’s exploration of America during the peak of their popularity.

I saw the film three times there in the first 24 hours that it played.

It was the birthday of my lifelong friend, Todd Fadel, who will be celebrating again here on Saturday.

So, a bit early: Happy birthday, Todd! Let’s go watch U2 in 3-D next year.

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