It’s not just Christian film critics who are troubled by the way Jesus Camp portrays evangelicals. Some of the mainstream critics are actually patient enough, thoughtful enough, and fair enough to notice that the film is grossly unfair to Christians.

At The Chicago Reader, J.R. Jones writes, that the film is:

… hamstrung by its polemics. Filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady lump all evangelicals together, failing to distinguish the more fundamentalist Pentecostals, and they’ve clumsily inserted some unnecessary editorializing from talk-radio host Mike Papantonio, shown holding forth on his Air America show Ring of Fire. Unlike Hell House (2001), a much better documentary about the religious right, Jesus Camp seems less interested in understanding evangelicals than in making secular viewers wet their drawers.

I’d have to agree. Hell House is well worth seeing, a movie that I continue to share with others and discuss. I recommend it for everyone… Christians and otherwise.

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