Here’s The LA Times on the hubbub over Jesus Camp, and how the subjects of the film are responding to it.

When Fischer arrived home Tuesday after a few days touring with the filmmakers, her e-mail inbox was loaded with hate mail. She spent the next two days writing lengthy explanations to the most common accusations — “How dare you brainwash those kids!” and “Are you raising up Christian terrorists or another Hitler Youth movement?” — then posted them on her website Thursday.

“I’ve gotten thousands of hits on my website from those people,” she said. “I’m wearing sunglasses in the airports. It’s really making me nervous.”

Bowles hoped to build interest among conservative Christians for the film’s opening with a word-of-mouth campaign generated by faith-based publicity firm A. Larry Ross in Carrollton, Texas. Instead, only handfuls of people turned out.”We were getting good feedback from a lot of Christian groups interested in the film,” Bowles said. After Haggard’s statements, he said, “it was almost like a switch was flipped and the people who were going to support it the day before were like, ‘Oh no. We’re not going to support the film.’ “

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