My publisher has given me an extra five days to wrap up writing Through a Screen Darkly.
It’s a 340-page book, written in three months, while I was still working a full time job. Am I tired? YOU BETCHA.

But I’m quite pleased with the result, and I’ve been working with a team of hotshot readers who aren’t afraid to tell me when something I’ve written really sucks. So thanks to their hard work and careful corrections, the thing actually feels like a book now, and I’m going to spend the weekend combing it for errors and adding last minute touches.

Then, it’s off to the publisher and I can get back to


Oh, yeah, and the sequel to Auralia’s Colors is due to the publisher in November, so there’s that…

Actually, I cannot wait to get back into fiction writing. I loved working on Through a Screen Darkly, but it did feel like an 85,000-word dissertation at times. Storytelling comes much more naturally to me. So I’m anxious to get back into that groove.

Anyway, I look forward to getting back to more frequent blogging and reviewing and catching up with all of you.

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