With all of the hubbub over a certain controversial film in recent months,
I’d almost forgotten about this…

Nice poster. Dumb slogan.

Salon’s Andrew O’Heihr returns from Cannes and raves and raves about Guillermo Del Toro’s new fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth.

“Hands down the most exciting and original film I’ve seen here, and the one that had me in tears during its final scenes.”

He also liked A Scanner Darkly.

On one hand, “Scanner Darkly” is a paranoid futuristic thriller, but on the other it’s a pitch-perfect portrait of life in deadbeat slackerdom and Linklater’s funniest, loosest movie in years.

And this is very interesting to me… a new film from the director of Lantana, which has become one of my favorites…

“Jindabyne” — Ray Lawrence, the Australian director whose last film was the 2001 international hit “Lantana,” was back at Cannes (after 21 years) with this tale of four Aussie locals on a fishing trip who find a dead body. As with a similar discovery in “Lantana,” this event sets in motion an unexpected chain of circumstances. The setting here is rural rather than urban, and one could argue that Lawrence has restaged the basic subject matter of his earlier film in new surroundings. Still, it’s a powerful, compelling blend of thriller and character drama that should have long legs and a broad reach.

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