Roger Ebert has assembled his 2006 Overlooked Film Festival, which will run April 26-30 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

On the list… two films that I would have put at the top of my own 2006 overlooked films list:

Junebug (which, after I saw it a second time, jumped up to second place on my Best of 2005 list),

and Millions (which still holds first place).

Ebert says:

Amy Adams, an Academy Award nominee this year for “Junebug,” has said she’ll appear after the screening of her film, unless a change in her current shooting schedule prevents her. She’ll be joined by Scott Wilson, who co-stars in the film as her father-in-law, by the distributor Michael Barker, and by the writer-director, Phil Morrison. Of all the performances I saw last year, hers was the most heart-warming.

“Millions” (2005), a family film from the U.K. that was on my 10 best list, will be our Saturday morning family matinee. Directed by Danny Boyle (“28 Days Later”) and written by Frank Cottrell Boyce (“Hilary and Jackie,” “Tristram Shandy”), it’s about two brothers who find loot from a robbery; one of them takes advice from his favorite saints about how to dispose of it.

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