A close friend of mine, who also happens to be one of my favorite photographers, is getting extraordinary honors this month.

A portfolio of Fritz Liedtke’s work is featured in the new issue of LensWork. And one of the images from his exhibit “Welcome to Wonderland,” a collection of images exploring the strange and unstable land of adolescence, is on the cover.

LensWork is one of the top fine art photography magazines. Its reproductions are museum-book quality, having won numerous prestigious awards. All this to say: the photographs look great.

Find out more at www.lenswork.com/overviewcurrentissue.htm

Furthermore, their Extended CD, available from their website, contains a full 30 images, an audio interview with the editor, Bruce Jensen, and more.

You can find LensWork at most fine booksellers, such as Barnes and Noble, Powells, Elliot Bay, and more. Or you can order copies online, at www.lenswork.com. I hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy Fritz’s fantastic work.

To see more work from this series, and other endeavors, visit Fritz’s website at www.fritzphoto.com/art.

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