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From the new Image Update:

Announcing Image’s Glen Workshop 2006
“Love and Affliction: Grace, Suffering, and the Artist”
July 30 – August 6, 2005

The Glen Workshop is an illuminating conference on the arts and religion, where participants practice and strengthen their craft and vision in community. This weeklong event combines the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a symposium. By exploring this year’s theme, “Love and Affliction: Grace, Suffering, and the Artist,” participants will share a common ground for discussion during the week. Morning workshops are small enough to allow the faculty to give close attention to each participant—to beginners as well as those advanced in their craft. This year’s faculty includes illustrator Barry Moser, playwright Arlene Hutton, poets Scott Cairns and Jeanine Hathaway, Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist of Over the Rhine, fiction writer Bret Lott, mixed-media artist Barry Krammes, porcelain artist Ginger Geyer, and others. Afternoons and evenings at the Glen feature faculty readings, lectures, and presentations. Each evening concludes with an ecumenical worship service that incorporates the arts. This year’s musician-in-residence, Pierce Pettis, will be giving a concert as well as playing during worship throughout the week. Free time offers participants opportunities for writing, conversation, hiking, and exploring the stunning scenery and cultural treasures in and around Santa Fe. Surrounded by the stark, dramatic beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Glen is hosted at St. John’s campus and is within easy reach of the rich cultural, artistic, and spiritual traditions of northern New Mexico.

Look for the 2006 Glen web pages—including registration information—in January. A brochure will be printed and mailed in early February. If you are on the Image subscriber list, you’ll automatically receive a brochure. If you’d like to have one mailed to you, send us an e-mail:

Over the Rhine will be there. Scott Cairns will be there. Pierce Pettis will be there. Greg Wolfe will be there. With a starring cast like that, you’d better believe I’ll be there.

Will you?

A wonderful message from my friend Russ:

Here’s the only substantive comment I can make on NARNIA, as I haven’t seen the film: This morning I was sitting down to eat two apple Toaster Strudels and the individual icing packages had the NARNIA logo and plot trivia printed on them. On the icing packages. The icing packages.

Here’s the trailer for the new film from the makers of The Matrix… V for Vendetta.

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