UPDATE: Welcome to the Narnia Smackdown, a post that has provoked some of the most interesting comment-exchanges in this blog’s little history.

It begins with the soon-to-be-father of twins, Peter T. Chattway, and his review of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, here.

Then, it continues as Steven D. Greydanus (gotta love those middle initials! Golly, I need one!) turns in what he calls “the most blistering B-plus review ever.”

My review of the film was first published at Christianity Today Movies, then published in an expanded version at Looking Closer, and then I wrote yet another review of the film for Seattle Pacific’s Response magazine, along with an interview with Walden Media President Micheal Flaherty.

This has led to some spirited responses, involving Barbara Nicolosi of Act One: Writing for Hollywood and blogger; the eloquent Steven D. Greydanus of Decent Films; and Peter T. Chattaway of Christianity Today Movies, Canadian Christianity, and FilmChat.


Meanwhile, if you live in Columbia, South Carolina, I hope you tuned in to Steve Sunshine on WHMK this morning to hear my radio interview about the film. You had the rare pleasure of hearing me speak with laryngitis. All I need is the southern accent, and I could quit my job and hit the road as a Johnny Cash inpersonator! I hear I sound much sexier with laryngitis, a fact that makes me first in line for every cold-virus that comes through town…

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