Just a quick post, and then I’m off to do homework for tomorrow’s workshop.

Last night, I had the overwhelming thrill of introducing Over the Rhine before their concert at the Glen Workshop. I barely got the words out around the lump in my throat, but it went well. The concert was, of course, sublime. It was just Linford and Karin this time, but they did a fair number of songs from “Drunkard’s Prayer” and the best peformance of “Jesus in New Orleans” I’ve seen them do.

Highlight: In my introduction, I mentioned my love for “Good Dog Bad Dog.” Later, while Linford was singing “Jack’s Valentine” from that album, Karin was doing her usual, jazzy scat in the background. At one point, she said, “Y’all can join in with me. Jeffrey, come up here. I *KNOW* you’d like to join me.” I suspect I turned a deep shade of purple, and declined in order to keep from spoiling the show.

Later, Anne’s poetry provided the big finale of the writers’ Open Mike event. (Pretty cool, considering poet Luci Shaw got things off to a great start.)

We’re having a marvelous week hanging out with those two and with so many new friends. My biggest “It’s a Small World” moment–Joel Pinson, who used to be part of the music group at my church, is here at the festival. I haven’t seen him since we went out to lunch about four years ago. He’s becoming an Anglican priest. Amazing.

Several of the writers I’ve met here are going to be big deals. Watch out for Sara Zarr, who just scored a two-book deal with Little-Brown. Michael Harris-Stone has a talent comparable to Guy Gavriel Kay. Great stuff.

We’ve also had the pleasure of meeting poet B.H. Fairchild (leading Anne’s poetry workshop) and artist Barry Moser. Novelist Robert Clarke is also here; he read from a ne non-fiction work yesterday. I missed Paula Huston’s reading and Laura Lasworth’s art show… doggone it.

This morning, Anne and I took writers Erin McGraw (novelist) and Andrew Hudgins (Pulitzer-Prize-shortlisted poet) out to breakfast and had a stimulating chat. Tonight we’re hosting a read-aloud party at our apartment that will probably run late into the night.

Oh… and another thing… The producers of a popular prime-time television series are showing interest in buying the rights to “Auralia’s Colors.”

Speaking of colors, the rain interrupted the relentless heat today, and we had a spectacular stack of rainbows here on the hills. I’ll post a photo… in fact, a whole world of photos… over at Zero Zero Zero when I return.

It’s been a very interesting week. Greg Wolfe and Company have developed a truly marvelous event here.

Many thanks to Josh Hurst and Peter T. Chattaway for covering for me at Christianity Today Movies.

More soon.

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