UPDATE: It turns out that he was thinking of a scene from “Rick,” a film that was out a couple of years ago, with Bill Pullman. Spooky. And, as a matter of fact, Ebert’s review has now been corrected, and the mistakes are gone.

Roger Ebert’s review of “In Good Company” is very very strange indeed.

(Kudos to Steven Greydanus for catching this bizarro review.)

First of all, he says,

It’s about a corporate culture that tries to be evil and fails.

I’ve seen the movie, and I have no idea what this means.

Secondly, he recounts this scene:

“You’re kind of a bizarrely honest guy,” Carter tells Dan, who replies: “No, just around you.”

Wrong. That conversation happens between Carter and Dan’s daughter, Alex.

But then, the third problem, and it’s a whopper!

There is a bizarre episode where Carter takes Dan out drinking, in a club where patrons can observe each other via closed-circuit TV, and then hurries back to his office to join an X-rated chat room.

This scene DOES NOT OCCUR in the film. And nothing even remotely resembling it takes place.

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