Turn and Face the Strange: a challenge to artists and churches

In April, I closed the Sacrament & Story conference in Seattle by posing a challenge to artists and churches, and by addressing a question that has kept you awake at night, I'm sure: If you go into space, will your DNA be rewritten and turn you into an alien?

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First Impressions of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

As soon as I'd started watching the new Netflix series that expands on Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, I called animator and author Ken Priebe to talk about the artistry of it. Here's our conversation.

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The sweetness and the sting of Honeyland

In a case of "found poetry," documentarians following a remarkable Macedonian beekeeper have captured a rich and meaningful story of stewardship and injustice.

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Nicolas Cage gets enraged in Mandy

Here's an idea for a movie: They've taken the woman he loves. So he's out for revenge.

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Frame 3: Unlearning to Read Along My Commute

A journal entry about the curse of compulsive reading.

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Guest review: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Guest reviewer Damian Arlyn considers the place of Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood in director Quentin Tarantino's oeuvre.

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Wild Rose rises above star-is-born clichés

Wild Rose has the stuff to be the year's biggest crowdpleaser... but it's already disappearing from theaters. Don't let it get away.

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Frame 2: Another Psalm 12

A personal paraphrase of Psalm 12, in which the Scripture becomes, in the moment, a "living word" indeed.

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