Newsic: New song from Tom Skinner, Thom Yorke, and Johnny Greenwood

This isn't an easy song to sing along with. It shouldn't be. But it represents a meaningful anger, a broken heart, a soulful lament, a rage expressed in love for those who have been wronged.

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Joel Coen’s Macbeth adaptation is visually striking — but unaffecting

Did social distancing influence this Joel Coen production of the Scottish play? It has some great actors in it, but their performances seem strangely separate. And the film's striking images seem more like a gallery of evocative stills than immersive cinema.

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Weekender: 2022 film calendar; Luci Shaw’s latest poems; C’mon C’mon; Azor; Licorice Pizza

This week: An astounding 2022 preview. The upcoming poetry of Luci Shaw. And some initial thoughts on C'mon C'mon, Azor and Licorice Pizza.

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The Weekender: Christmas Edition 2021

This week: Malick's rollercoaster ride through the eons of history. Mia Hansen-Løve's film Bergman Island. All hail U2's The Edge!

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Twenty years ago this weekend, a fellowship formed in Rivendell…

Twenty years ago this weekend, I joined a fellowship at the local cineplex to witness an event that would change the art of movies — for better and for worse — for decades to come.

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The Weekender – Third Weekend of December 2021

Merry Christmas early! The Weekender will be a Surprise Box, an unpredictable newsletter, a bulletin board of things I'd like to share that I would have expanded into full, individual posts if life had afforded me the time.

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Discovering “Devi”

During November's Barnes and Noble Criterion sale, I took a chance on a film I've never seen before. I am so glad that I did. It's one of the great films about the possibilities and the dangers of religious faith.

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Why I find “Passing” a profoundly “unrelatable” film

In a season of sprawling epics and extravagant spectacle, Rebecca Hall's directorial debut is one of the year's finest exceptions: a quiet, focused film that knows exactly what it wants to be and efficiently achieves it.

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Welcome to Wes Andersonia, Part 1: My first two visits to The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson's devoting every resource at his disposal to realizing grander visions. The results are more like museums than paintings, more like restaurants than mere meals.

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