Not-So-Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Guest reviewer Daniel Melvill Jones reviews Macon Blair's directorial debut, the winner of this year‘s Sundance Grand Jury award.

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Arcade Fire Now

Arcade Fire's latest is lighter and more streamlined — the most danceable thing that they've done. They're making a whole career out of variations on "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

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Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Biggest Surprise

In Part Two of my Spider-Man focus, I zoom in on Spider-Man: Homecoming. How does it measure up to other Spidey films?

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Why I keep getting stuck in Spider-Man’s web

Spider-Man has always been the most interesting and compelling superhero for me — the only one whose movies I always want to see. Why? I think I finally figured it out.

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Hawkins and Hawke paint a radiant romance

Resembling Jeff Nichols's Loving and Martin Provost's Séraphine, Maudie is a magnificent film about the triumph of love over hardship and poverty in the lives of outcasts.

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Surviving Dunkirk

Nolan's latest is high on noise, chaos, and anxiety, and low on poetry. But it provides a necessary corrective to the dangerous machismo of most war films.

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