26 Jun 2017

Shaun of the Disillusioned

Last Friday night, I reminded Anne that it was her turn to pick our date-night movie. This is never a simple task for either one of us. And so, a familiar struggle ensued. Anne ascended the stairs to browse our film library while I prepared the snacks. She returned with

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22 Jun 2017

Wonder Woman (2017)

Against all odds and right on time, director Patty Jenkins’s much-anticipated Wonder Woman delivers almost everything a summer moviegoer could hope for, restoring my belief in the importance of the superhero genre and the potential of summer blockbusters. That may sound like a typically hyperbolic film-critic claim. Or like I’m jumping on a

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21 Jun 2017

My Box of 64: Ep. 4 – The Summer of Nathans

Here it is at last — Episode Four of My Box of 64, my new audio journal. Press play… This episode took a while to produce. Thanks to “the Nathans” and to John Barber (who volunteers so much of his time helping me put this show together). I’d hoped to

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04 Jun 2017

Where did the “evangel” in “evangelical” go?

I try to avoid posts that aren’t focused on the arts and imagination. But we’re living in a world where an “evangelical” leader calls our President a “dream President” for evangelicals. So if I’m going to retain any capacity to respect the term “evangelical,” which my childhood burned like a

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