The Decemberists record the a-pop-alypse

Basking in the bright colors of a bold new sound, the Decemberists will lift your spirits at the end of the world.

Post-Panther Questions

My kind of superhero

Wheels on fire

Hansard sings of hope and vision on Between Two Shores.

Overstreet’s Favorite Films of 2017: #30-#11

Here are my notes from a year of eager exploration and treasure-seeking.

The De-severed-ists?

Were we worse than the KKK?

I'm beginning to see. Lord, heal my blindness.

Spielberg invites you to Post dramatic stress

Even if you know this story of #RealNews and a crooked government, your nerves will be singed by this slow-burn…

The Last Jedi’s Disney punchline

Overstreet observes a (vaguely spoiler-ish) connection between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a Disney classic.

The Breadwinner (2017)

Lady Bird for Thanksgiving

U2 Rangarok?

There are some strange correlations between the new Thor movie and the new U2 songs.