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26 Jan 2016

Once in a while…

I’m coming up on the tenth anniversaries of my first two published books. The arrival of Auralia’s Colors was a great thrill, a dream come true, a privilege — all the clichés. To see some of my work published and set out on tables in Barnes and Noble… I couldn’t believe

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01 Jan 2016

Looking Closer’s New Year’s Party

Start your 2016 with some inspiration. Turn to the Specialists. This website is brought to you by generous contributors who help cover the costs of its design, production, and resources. I call them the Looking Closer Specialists. We have our own private Facebook group where they influence my vision for

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Ambition books
24 Dec 2015

Bret Lott and the Ambition contest winners

It’s Christmas Eve. I feel like handing out some gifts. A few weeks ago, I invited people to send me their lists of films, books, or songs that speak to them about ambition. Then I asked a jury of Looking Closer Specialists to vote on the lists they found to be

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L0028199 C. R. Darwin, Half Lop Rabbit.
30 Nov 2015

A rabbit’s gospel

I’ve become weary, in recent days, from the aggression, the vitriolic language, and the fear-driven messages coming from professing Christians — in their social networking, their politics, and their protests. I’ve seen so much hate speech. I’ve seen a forceful refusal to make “room in the inn” for the poor

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AmbitionFrontCover copy 2
27 Nov 2015

Ambition book giveaway

Well, it’s not as miraculous as Christmas coming early. But it’s close. New writing by Eugene H. Peterson, Luci Shaw, Scott Cairns, Jeanne Murray Walker, Bret Lott, Emilie Griffin, Dain Trafton, Diane Glancy, Erin McGraw, and Gina Ochsner has just arrived. And it’s all in the same book. Even better:

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21 Nov 2015

Explaining Christianity to Christians

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The 65th Annual Peabody Awards
17 Nov 2015

The Marty Party: Scorsese and Me

It’s Martin Scorsese’s birthday, so I’m polishing up my existing Scorsese-film reviews and restoring some that have been missing from the site for a long time.

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sugar cube
13 Nov 2015

Details, details…

James Wood in The Nearest Thing to Life:  …if the life of a story is in its excess, in its surplus, in the riot of things beyond order and form, then it can also be said that the life-surplus of a story lives in its details. For details represent those moments

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Norman Lloyd
08 Nov 2015

Looking Elsewhere: November 8, 2015

In which you are encouraged to check out an extraordinary interview with Norman Lloyd.

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Marilynne Robinson
28 Oct 2015

Looking Elsewhere: October 28, 2015

A farewell to a beloved film critic. Free music from Welcome Wagon. The President and Marilynne Robinson, Part 2. The Dardenne brothers. Back to the Future. Mulholland Drive. And news about three promising film projects.

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