08 Oct 2015

Mystery and Message

Photographer and teacher Michael Demkowicz on “What We Talk About When We Talk About Art.”

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20 Sep 2007

On Criticism

My good friend, Mike Demokowicz, a photographer and educator who has taught me a great deal, sent along this quote in an email today. It made me think of Anton Ego’s speech in Ratatouille… only it’s richer and more complete.

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03 May 2007

Professor Paul Kuritz says…

I’ve just discovered the blog of a fellow named Professor Paul Kuritz. Because he just just discovered Through a Screen Darkly. Thank you for that review, Professor Kuritz!

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12 Apr 2006

Looking Closer Classic: "Mystery and Message"

Not much to blog about today, as I’ve been sitting at home and at a top-secret Seattle coffee house all day working at condensing all of my thoughts about the wonder of movies into a book. As I wrote, I kept recalling things that I learned from one man: an

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