21 Jan 2017

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings of 2016 (Post 1 of 3)

I’ve been publishing lists of my favorite albums annually since I was eleven years old. In the early days, I published them in little magazines that I wrote for an audience of one. Today, I offer them to you as treasure maps. You’re invited to explore. This year, I’ve recorded

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01 Jan 2016

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2015 — Part Two

Sufjan Stevens, Kendrick Lamar, Torres, Courtney Barnett… and many, many more make up my Favorite Recordings of 2015 countdown. Listen to your favorites and make some new discoveries.

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31 Dec 2015

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2015 — Part One

How to compare them? They’re apples and oranges — and pears, peaches, lemons, and pineapples, along with some nutritious helpings of vegetables. To try and rate them in a single list is pretty much pointless… …unless you perceive this as a way of recommending them to you with different colors

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03 Jan 2015

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2014 — Part Two [Updated Feb. 2015]

Albums I wanted to hear every week; albums I would be happy to own in a variety of formats; albums I would like to put in the trunk of my car so that I can give them away to everyone I know; albums that made a significant difference in my head and heart this year.

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31 Dec 2014

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2014 — Part One

Overdoing it? Yes. As long as War & Peace? Yes. But here it comes anyway: The list of my favorite recordings of 2014. I look forward to this every year. I started making “Favorite Music of the Year” lists when I was about 12 years old. I never dreamed that I would

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31 Dec 2013

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2013 — Part Two (#10-#1)

What music meant the most to you in 2013? Here are my personal favorite albums of the year— a top ten list for a year that was overflowing with great music.

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28 Dec 2013

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2013 — Part One (#25-#11)

I’ve narrowed this year’s list of my favorite records down to 25 titles that I would have happily included in a Top 5 list at the end of a typical year. I invite you to listen to standout tracks, counting down from #25 to #11.

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31 Dec 2012

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2012

I’d invite you all to a New Year’s Eve Listening Party, but there are just too many of you. So allow me to deliver this party to your doorstep. Here is some music from my favorite recordings of 2012.

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13 Jan 2012

Overstreet’s Favorite Albums: 2001 (10 years later)

Listening to music is, for me, a treasure hunt. The whole journey is worthwhile, with highs and lows, unforgettable discoveries and a whole lot of unremarkable scenery. What I love most is an album that just keeps opening up, like a house full of secret doors, so that ten years

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02 Jan 2012

Overstreet’s Favorite Recordings: 2011

I didn’t hear any records this year that filled me with a zeal to shout from the rooftops. (Last year’s The Long Surrender by Over the Rhine did that, and it remains my favorite record of the last several years.) Nevertheless, 2011 was still a year full of extraordinary music.

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