Are Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack still Incredible?

Incredibles 2 suffers a bit from a predictable twist and from themes that get, like Elastigirl, bent out of shape. But it's still the most sensational action movie of the year so far.

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In which I wrestle with Paul Schrader’s First Reformed

The most invigorating subject of discussion at the movies this year is also a difficult and, for me, frustrating film.

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Pope Francis: A Man of His Word — a Looking Closer film forum

Can a documentary about the Pope give us a complex, nuanced, truthful vision that is more than just a vehicle for a message?

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It’s all fun and games… until it’s not.

For friends and weekend parties, Game Night is bound to become a movie-night favorite.

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The Theology of the Coen Brothers? A Conversation Between Matt Zoller Seitz and Jeffrey Overstreet

Originally titled "O Coen Brothers, Where Art God?", this is my conversation with Matt Zoller Seitz about theology, Raising Arizona, morality, Fargo, good and evil, The Big Lebowski, and so much more.

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Ready Player One: a mushy, muddled mash-up

Spielberg gets lost in nostalgia, serving up a flashy but frustrating contradiction.

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