19 Aug 2016

Elsewhere: The Lives (and Films and Albums) of Others

In this episode of “Looking Elsewhere”: The Lives of Others. Lisa Hannigan. Emmylou Harris and friends. The Criterion Collection. And so much more…

08 Nov 2015

Looking Elsewhere: November 8, 2015

In which you are encouraged to check out an extraordinary interview with Norman Lloyd.

28 Oct 2015

Looking Elsewhere: October 28, 2015

A farewell to a beloved film critic. Free music from Welcome Wagon. The President and Marilynne Robinson, Part 2. The Dardenne brothers. Back to the Future. Mulholland Drive. And news about three promising film projects.

12 Oct 2015

Looking Elsewhere: October 11, 2015

Beatles medicine. End times zombies. Coens go Biblical. Do’s and don’ts of filmmaking. Jedi versus Airbender.

01 Jun 2015

Mad Max, Slow West, Sam Phillips, and lawsuit antics

Looking Closer Intern Joe Allen here. And it’s time to catch you up on Overstreet’s recommended links for this week. (If you’re following Jeffrey on Facebook or Twitter, you may have already seen some of these.) CINEMA:  On Overstreet’s short list of Class A film reviewers, you’ll find Steven D.

15 May 2015

Milk Carton Kids, Muppets, vampires, and gothic fairy tales

New music from The Milk Carton Kids is streaming. The year’s funniest comedy so far is now available for rent. The Muppets have a new TV-series trailer. And more…

07 May 2015

Twin Peaks, Citizen Kane, David Foster Wallace, Bono, Sean Bean, and David Brooks

Hello, class! I’m Joe Allen, your new substitute teacher, so to speak. You know how Dr. Evil had his “Mini-Me”?  For a while, I’m going to be Overstreet’s Mini-Me. I’m a new Looking Closer intern, shouting out the news from the Looking Closer front porch, and helping fill the gaps while

01 Apr 2015

Looking Elsewhere: MFA Adventures, April Foolishness, and More

From April Fool’s antics to coming attractions, this installment of “Looking Elsewhere” is loaded with goodness.

24 Jan 2015

Looking Elsewhere: January 24, 2015

I’ll conclude with a few words about the American Sniper hubbub. But first, here are some of the things that caught my attention on the Wild Wild Web in the last couple of weeks…

21 Dec 2014

Looking Elsewhere: Trailering Malick; Burying “The Hobbit”; Christian Bale’s Bible Reading; and More!

This week, in my community of arts-and-faith explorers, conversations have been focused on the joy of Christmas carols, the mixed feelings over a new Terrence Malick trailer, the predictably disappointing conclusion to Peter Jackson’s ruination of The Hobbit, some interesting conversations with the Exodus team, and the traditional year-end challenges of drafting various “Best