19 Dec 2016

The difference between Gandalf and Saruman

I grew up in a Baptist church. There were a lot of good-hearted people there. I’m still in touch with some of them. But at 14, I began to smell, in that community, a certain stench. It wasn’t the hairspray of the church ladies who sat in the pew in

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26 Oct 2016

A blessing upon your vote…

And now I invite Pastor Kenneth Tanner to the podium to give a blessing to all American voters, as they cast their votes for what vision of our nation’s future they find more in keeping with the ideals of “liberty and justice for all…” • May you remember that all

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19 Aug 2016

Elsewhere: The Lives (and Films and Albums) of Others

In this episode of “Looking Elsewhere”: The Lives of Others. Lisa Hannigan. Emmylou Harris and friends. The Criterion Collection. And so much more…

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18 Aug 2016

You’re invited to write with me…

It’s time. Let me give you some background: I had a remarkable run of years in writing and publishing books — five titles in four years (2007-2011). That was a rush. A privilege. An exhilarating joy, after a decade of hard work on manuscripts that I never thought would be read beyond

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27 Jul 2016

Um, when were we great? At whose expense?

Many Evangelicals: “Make America Great Again.” The Bible: “Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools. Do not say, ‘Why is it that the former days were better than these?’ For it is not from wisdom that you ask about

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10 Jul 2016

House on fire!

Sometimes, a comic strip can help clarify a complicated issue. This one is worth sharing this week, via Chainsawsuit.com.

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29 Apr 2016

Bono. Eugene. The Psalms. (Version 2)

This post has been amended for the sake of clarification. If you read Version One and were offended, I ask you to read Version Two closely. Thank you! • Eugene Peterson, author of The Pastor and sometimes-celebrated/sometimes-criticized translator of The Message, is — in my humble opinion — a national treasure. I may not

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25 Apr 2016

Dreams come true. Be a part of one.

The clock is ticking. You have until May 1 to jump at this opportunity.

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26 Mar 2016

Who I thanked on my MFA graduation day

One week ago today — Saturday, March 19, 2016, at Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey Island — I was invited to the podium before my special guests, as well as the students, faculty, and staff of Seattle Pacific University’s MFA in Creative Writing. This was the moment: I would

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17 Feb 2016

Terrence Malick’s Zoolander

Thanks to my friend Damian Alryn for bringing this momentous cinematic event to my attention.

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