15 Oct 2016

Save the Future

“Defend the past. Save the future.” Those words are lighting up TV screens this week, promoting the new NBC time-travel adventure series Timeless. But really, it’s ridiculous. No matter how many people want to go back and “kill Hitler,” the past cannot be changed. Right? Right? I don’t know. Last

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30 Sep 2016

The movie I most frequently loan out to friends…

You try walking across Seattle alone. At night. Barefoot. My college roommate did all the time. I didn’t understand it, just as I didn’t understand his quiet demeanor, his watchfulness from the edges, or his aversion to typical college-life distractions. His after-dark disappearances intrigued me. So I took to walking

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24 Sep 2016

You’re invited to a weekly movie club…

What a rush. From 2001 – 2009, I wrote the “Film Forum” column for Christianity Today and served on the CT Movies team of film critics, publishing weekly reviews. Then, as my day job became increasingly demanding, my resources for writing began to diminish, and I had to give up all of my

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19 Sep 2016

How the Gospel brightens “A Brighter Summer Day”

More than fifteen years ago, reviewing Edward Yang’s masterpiece Yi Yi, I wrote that I “couldn’t wait” to see a film he had made nine years earlier — another highly praised epic about generations of one Taiwanese family: A Brighter Summer Day. Well, I did wait. And wait. And wait.

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14 Sep 2016

What are you eager to see?

What movie are you most looking forward to seeing between now and New Year’s Day 2017?

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12 Sep 2016

Sully (2016)

Sully is a fine film — a compelling, suspenseful account of a few hours in which one man, who had been responsible and brave and reliable his whole life, made the best decisions under incredible pressure and saved all “155 souls” on US Air 1549 from death. In doing so,

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03 Sep 2016

For the love of Labyrinth

On September 11 and 14, Fathom Events is bringing Jim Henson’s 1986 fantasy extravaganza — Labyrinth — back to theaters for two days of big screen bedazzlement. David Bowie will rise again as the Goblin King, tempting and tormenting poor Sarah by stealing her baby brother away into his lair full of

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31 Aug 2016

The BFG (2016)

Once upon a time, a father and son saw Steven Spielberg’s “The BFG.” You won’t believe what happened next.

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25 Aug 2016

Watching Vertigo in 2016

If there was ever a movie that showed how a work of art can reveal far more about its maker than its maker ever wanted to reveal, this is it. I’m reading a biography of Hitchcock right now, and the map that the author draws of the artist’s strengths, weaknesses,

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22 Aug 2016

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Attention, parents: If you fed the Hollywood machine a bunch of money for The Secret Life of Pets, making it a blockbuster and guaranteeing that we’ll all have to deal with plenty of obnoxious sequels in the years ahead, how about letting Disney know you also appreciate, you know, really

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