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If you loved The Secret of Kells

For the grand finale of my film-focused research writing course at Seattle Pacific University, I treated my finals-weary students to a screening and discussion of The Secret of Kells. I didn’t even realize until I was loading up the movie that, lo and behold… it was St. Patrick’s Day. And so, another audience fell in love with one of the most extraordinary animated movies ever made.

The Secret of Kells becomes more precious to me every time I see it — and every time I listen to the soundtrack. And I’ve watched the follow-up film, Song of the Sea, become a favorite to so many moviegoing friends.

So my pulse quickens watching these teaser videos for Wolfwalkers. Tomm Moore and his amazing Cartoon Saloon team are making magic again. Thanks to Ken Priebe for bringing this to my attention soon after it was posted today!

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Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet

Novelist and critic Jeffrey Overstreet teaches writing (Seattle Pacific University) and film studies (Northwest University and Houston Baptist University). He's written a memoir of moviegoing and faith (Through a Screen Darkly, Baker, 2007) and a fantasy series that begins with Auralia's Colors (The Auralia Thread, Random House, 2007-11). He's worked since 2001 as a film critic and columnist at Christianity Today, and he's been a regular contributor to Image, Paste, and Christ & Pop Culture. His writing has been recognized by The New Yorker and The Seattle Times. He regularly speaks at universities, conferences, and churches in the U.S. and abroad. Want to invite him to teach or speak? Email joverstreet@gmail.com.