Movie Reviews (Chronological)

Movie Reviews

Ash is Purest White (2019)

Jia Zhangke delivers a wildly ambitious epic of a gangster’s girlfriend thrown overboard into Chinese capitalism’s unmerciful storms. Go see it. (Caution: Part Two of this essay examines the film’s confounding conclusion, so — spoilers!)

Elf (2003)

Imagine… a new band of superheroes made up of characters who were raised by inhuman species: Princess Mononoke, raised by a wolf goddess! Mowgli, hero of the jungle, raised by wolves! Tarzan, another hero of the jungle, raised by apes! Peter Pan, who was raised...

Prospect (2018)

Anne and I have just returned, delirious with amazement, from a rainforest on a distant planet. That is to say… my wife and I have just enjoyed the privilege of attending a filmmakers’ hometown preview screening of Prospect. Granted, this kind of movie...

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