02 Jul 2017

Is The Beguiled sewn up too tightly?

Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock — the 1975 film that set the tonal template for Sofia Coppola’s films — is more powerfully present here than in any of her previous work, even The Virgin Suicides. Again, we have women and girls in isolation, imprisoned in a vocabulary and colonial

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29 Jun 2017

Baby Driver (2017) – a review and a mixtape

[This review is made possible by the Looking Closer Specialists — a generous crew who support this website. Thank you, Specialists, for understanding the time and resources that are necessary to keep a site like this alive. You are my best audience, and more: you are partners and friends.] •

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26 Jun 2017

Shaun of the Disillusioned

Last Friday night, I reminded Anne that it was her turn to pick our date-night movie. This is never a simple task for either one of us. And so, a familiar struggle ensued. Anne ascended the stairs to browse our film library while I prepared the snacks. She returned with

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22 Jun 2017

Wonder Woman (2017)

Against all odds and right on time, director Patty Jenkins’s much-anticipated Wonder Woman delivers almost everything a summer moviegoer could hope for, restoring my belief in the importance of the superhero genre and the potential of summer blockbusters. That may sound like a typically hyperbolic film-critic claim. Or like I’m jumping on a

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