(L-R) Yoshi Oida as Ichizo, Adam Driver as Father Garupe, and Andrew Garfield as Father Sebastião Rodrigues in the film SILENCE by Paramount Pictures, SharpSword Films, and AI Films
13 Jan 2017

Scorsese’s sympathy for the devils

Some Christians recoil at the name “Martin Scorsese” just the way that the two priests in his new movie Silence are repulsed by their untrustworthy guide Kichijiro. (I know this first hand, I get angry mail from evangelicals whenever I review Scorsese’s work.) In many Christian minds, this former Jesuit seminarian

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KJ in Jordan_Kirsten Johnson.png
06 Jan 2017

Why Cameraperson is my favorite film of 2016

[UPDATE: Cameraperson is now streaming on Amazon Prime.] “Things means things.” That’s what my high school poetry teacher used to say as I blinked at seemingly unrelated elements of a poem. Now I know what he means. The details of our lives, however arbitrary, will talk with one another if

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03 Jan 2017

Why Watership Down belongs alongside Narnia and Middle-Earth

Among the many artists we lost in 2016, the one who influenced me the most passed away on Christmas Eve. Without his imagination, I might have lived a very different life.

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of gods and men 2
23 Dec 2016

Guns and nukes are for cowards

Last week, I introduced Of Gods and Men to the high schoolers in my online film class. After we watched it, we wrestled with hard questions about how these monks chose to answer the threat of terrorism. One of them surprised me with his answer — boldly disagreeing with Roger

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