25 May 2016

Bob Dylan — from faith to faith

He’s 75. And I’m grateful for him.

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15 May 2016

Jesus’s “Daze” in the Desert

What do you call the sufferings of a man who forces his family to live with him in a remote, desolate location because Jerusalem is corrupt? “Just deserts.” Okay, forgive me for that. Last Days in the Desert, from director Rodrigo Garcia, brings a wandering, troubled, and all-caps HUMAN version

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06 May 2016

A Mowgli I Can Believe In

For the first time in my experience with The Jungle Book — an experience that includes growing up with the 1967 animated Disney film, knowing all the words to all of the songs, and then being surprised by the strangeness of Rudyard Kipling’s original story sometime in my teens — I care about Mowgli.

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Peterson and Bono
29 Apr 2016

Bono. Eugene. The Psalms. (Version 2)

This post has been amended for the sake of clarification. If you read Version One and were offended, I ask you to read Version Two closely. Thank you! • Eugene Peterson, author of The Pastor and sometimes-celebrated/sometimes-criticized translator of The Message, is — in my humble opinion — a national treasure. I may not

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