28 Apr 2016

Midnight Special Post-Game Show

In which I relate a collage of conversations about Jeff Nichols’s latest film —  an homage to ’80s films about strangers who fell to earth.

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25 Apr 2016

Dreams come true. Be a part of one.

The clock is ticking. You have until May 1 to jump at this opportunity.

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April 5
22 Apr 2016

April and the Underwhelming Steampunk

Ten minutes from my house, in downtown Edmonds, you’ll find a shop called Otherworlds. It’s filled with sci-fi and fantasy books, role-playing games, fan merch from Firefly and Buffy and Doctor Who, birthday cards printed with the Indiana Jones font that say “You belong in a museum!“, geek gadgetry and trinkets,

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Pather Panchali 2
09 Apr 2016

Two hours of texture

For a film as exquisitely beautiful as this, it’s better to describe it’s textures than to quote its dialogue.

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