16 Jul 2016

“First Step Into a Larger World…”

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars goes Saving Private Ryan in this intense, revealing highlight reel full of new alien costumes, heavy violence, and surprisingly cinematic promise. I’m not ready to get my hopes up about the narrative, but this is beginning

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la dolce vita 1
15 Jul 2016

La Dolce Vita (1960): first impressions

One of my favorite things: Camping out in my home office, putting on a classic film I’ve never seen before, and live-posting my thoughts to the Looking Closer Specialists. Why? They’re a smart, film-literate bunch, and I end up learning from their observations. A few months ago, I live-posted my first-impressions

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15 Jul 2016

“Drive it like you stole it!”

Someday we’ll find it, The rainbow connection — The lovers, the dreamers, and me. – “The Rainbow Connection,” The Muppet Movie  • [This review is dedicated to Laure Hittle, one of the Looking Closer Specialists, whose contributions to keep this website alive made this review possible. Want to become one of

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10 Jul 2016

Farewell to the Master

My favorite living filmmaker? I don’t know how to answer that. Not anymore. The answer was clear — Abbas Kiarostami, the visionary who brought us Taste of Cherry, The Wind Will Carry Us, Certified Copy, and Like Someone in Love. But Kiarostami died on Monday, July 4. He was in Paris, where he had

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